Wednesday, February 01, 2006

They shoot horses, don't they ?

Now that Xrite has gobbled up GMB, I guess most of you wonder if your products will be supported and or upgraded. Have no fear ! I would expect that existing clients will be supported both for Xrite and GMB products. Indeed, interoperability between product ranges shoud improve: I expect soon-to-come versions of all software, eg. both Monaco Profiler and Profile Maker Pro to support all instruments from either company. If anytime there has been a merger which presents zero-risk to customers, this should be it.

But there will be some cutting too, no doubt: Can the Pulse and i1 Pro hardware coexist for long in the same niche ? can Optix and EyeOne ? - they're probably drawing straws over in Grandville to decide which hardware to kill or maybe just relabel and rebrand . Maybe EyeOne Display will be dropped into the Pantone channel for keeps, or relegated to entry-level ? Or will it be Optix ? I think the management at Colorvision is probably having kittens, figuring out what they will need to compete against -

Which leads us to the other side of the coin and the rest of my "customers" - Dear Reader, if you're not a CMS user, then you're probably an industry insider, and you're wondering which of the product managers, marketing guys, techies and support who are your friends are going to get axed ? Well, you can reread the above paragraph, and place your bets.

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