Sunday, March 18, 2007

Eizo CG - almost self-calibrating !

I like ColorEyes Display, and they support it well. It also has some nice features with presets files. I am a bit sceptical about the interface, though.

On the other hand, my demo has expired, and my main computer has crashed taking all the old versions with it. The ensuing panic was instructive - With Big Mac crashed, I needed to use my CG210 with the laptop,in a hurry.

The quickest way to get my Eizo set up with the Coloreyes-profiled
MacBook (with an inoperative demo copy of CE) while I was in panic
mode was to just press the front panel buttons to switch the CG210
into 5000K 1.8 mode.

Which leads me to wonder whether as the Eizos already have a USB port, they couldn't be programmed to accurately recalibrate their 5000/1.8 and 6500/2.2 presets with a puck ?

Just one more chip to add, and we need NO MORE SOFTWARE.

You heard that here first :)


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

M8 Broken - M8 Refurbs.

Over the past few weeks, I've started distributing various camera profiles for the Leica M8, which is the new digital successor to the Leica M rangefinder. The M8 is light, compact, has sharp Leica lenses and first-class image quality. The Leica M8 is addictive; unfortunately mine just broke.

by means of money and alcohol, I inveigled a friend, to act as an extra around Montmartre. When we got up there, the M8 was inert. I got it to wake by oepning, popping the battery, and re-attaching the back with the power switch on, but the back controls and rear screen of the M8 remained inert.

I limped through the session with no chimping at ISO 160, keeping the camera awake with my finger on the shutter button; I learned that one after it went into a coma again. Now the camera is going back to Solms. I'm going to recommend to Leica that they give dealers loaners so that customers have some fallback.

Talking of Leicas, I have some news: Refurbs have been seen delivered to some dealers. These will be sold at a substantial discounts. The warranty card of the refurbs is marked with a red spot on the bottom right.


Thursday, March 08, 2007

Microsoft enters HD in Photo in Image Format race

Microsoft has just entered a horse in the Image Format Derby as you can read here and here.

I was expecting this, as I stated in one of my previous blog entries about DNG:

"Of course, it is to be expected that Microsoft, who recently acquired iView Media Pro will gatecrash at least the ground floor -consumer use of Raw - of this party when it gets big enough to warrant a landgrab. The PC has become the digital image shoebox, and even Bill Gates has kid pix to save these days."

At this point it's not yet quite clear to me whether HD Photo is a Raw format like DNG or a "cooked" format like Jpeg, but it is certainly aimed at the digital image shoebox.

Adobe themselves helped Microsoft, we are told, in writing their HD Photo plugin for Photoshop
! Well, I guess that owning both the racecourse and the committee, and having the favorite slow down to let you pass, helps your nag win the race.