Sunday, February 04, 2007

Speed is the new greed !

I guess a lot of graphics guys are impatiently waiting for the new Adobe Creative Suite to ship, not because of the new features, but because it'll run native on the Intel Macs. Native means faster !

We all know it's gonna happen soon because Photoshop CS3 is in beta, and Lightroom just shipped.

In fact, I bet Apple has some slick powerful new laptops they will bring out to crest the Adobe upgrade wave.

But I like to catch my waves early. I've already got the beta on the current surfboard-sized 17 inch MacBook Pro.

So I can tell you two things you need to know. Firstly, Photoshop 10 (or CS3) is really fast on the G5. And blazing fast on Intel. And second, the screens on the current MacBook Pro are no good for colormanagement.

To use tech-speak, the MacBook Pro matte screen has very high-directivity, that's why it's so bright. That's why every little move of your head makes those colors dance.

And then, the gamut is a joke. I cannot do my camera profiling work on this machine, the reds are so poor.

If Apple brings out a new laptop screen technology, go for it ! The present display is a bummer !

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