Tuesday, June 21, 2011

i1DisplayPro - will Xrite move from proofing to viewing ?

Regarding hardware, the instrument is a strong followup to i1Display 2, Xrite says it is designed to be future-proofed for wide-gamut displays. I like the sexy design, and the fact that clipping it on a laptop screen really works. A carry pouch is just about the only improvement I could suggest for the hardware :)

Regarding software, i1Display Pro offers a hodgepodge of new features, which may or may not be useful, but at least Xrite is making an effort to explore the spectrum of functions that a colorimeter can fulfill. The old model was to view a calibrator as something to effect "dumb" calibration for proofing use with a D50 lightbooth in a "perfect" controlled environment. At some point we will have to decisively break away from this model, because it simply doesn't reflect the real-world everyday usage of computer displays which have become ubiquituous. 

Technology has evolved, I believe the high-contrast wide-gamut display IS the image now, rather than just a proofing device for pale yellowish paper. Files posted on the web are mostly clipped to sRGB, but when every display goes wide-gamut we will certainly expect to see more colors in every Facebook image of a rainbow.


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