Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The Summer Summary

Hi Folks,

The summer's just about over, and it's time to start tracking Color Management products and monitors again ! I will also be setting up a companion blog for Photo Reviews, shortly. Here are some quick notes concerning Eizo products:

• Eizo has some new monitors. Of special interest, The Flexscan S2110W is a 1680x1050 WXSGA 21.1 inch LCD monitor that sells factory-direct only over in Nihon. it has 1000:1 contrast, 450 candelas luminosity,and an 8ms switching speed. There's an integrated USB hub with two outputs. Of course, as it's a Flexscan it's DDC compatible, we'll see if Eizo finally allows this range to work seamlessly with the Mac. From what I've seen, the stand does not rotate, but the monitor is hinged to its stand in such a way that it can be folded close to the table.

• The Eizo S1910 monitor incorporates an "overdrive circuit" that improves the rendering of motion video. This unit is a bestseller over in Japan.

• Eizo's ColorNavigator software has been revved to version 4. I'll be doin g a review of this soon. This version supports a variety of colorimeters: Xrite's MonacoOptixXR and OptixPro, and ColorVision Spyder2 and Spyder2 Pro2. As with previous versions, ColorNavigator 4 supports most GretagMacbeth Eye-One units. Ambient light measurement has also been added to the functionalities of this version, which can be downloaded for free off the eizo site (

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