Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Are Dual-Monitor Setups a Good Idea ?

During a recent conversation, Steve Upton of Chromix stressed the way we adjust to a whitepoint. As a result, I'm not so sure anymore that dual-monitor setups are a good idea for color retouching, because the whitepoint of your palette monitor will contaminate your evaluation of the main display, especially if you set the main display background to full-screen black.


Fred Tedsen said...

OK, since no one else seems to want to comment, I'll start things off. I;ve used a dual monitor setup for many years, and even though the palette monitor had quite a different appearance from the editing monitor, I didn't seem to have much problem. Beyond that, with good calibration is it not possible to get consistent white points? Two monitors of the same type should work well.

That said, I am tired of the dual monitor setup. It don't like going back and forth between screens, and I seem to lose my cursor too often.


Anonymous said...

Have you tried using a tri-monitor setup?

I totally agree with you on the problems concerning to screens, but one in the center with both sides flanked with another monitor is really nice!

A Matrox Parhelia should do you proud, though there are probably more than tri-display one-card solutions out there. I'm still waiting for ATI or Nvidia to come out with a solution since I game too an The Perhelia just doesn't have the the horsepower or tech for gaming.