Sunday, April 15, 2007

5 Ways to mess up profiling testcharts

5 Ways to mess up profiling testcharts - sung to the tune of "Mission Accomplished".

1. Client has a color un-manageable PS/Mac-OS/Epson system.
Yes, Adobe, Apple and Epson finger-point at each other, it's always the other guy who implemented wrong. Let's hope your client is lucky enough to have a system which works. Yeah, right.

2. Client prints with some color management still enabled in the print path.
There should be a big button which says "Profile Testchart" in both PS and printer drivers. But there isn't. Instead the printer driver has a bunch of buttons labelled "Hurt Me". Thanks for pointing out that label, Andrew.

3. Client has a corrupted Epson driver.
Epson drivers seem to suffer bit-rot. Clients are always astonished how different their charts look after the print system is reset. Well, if they can notice that, at least these clients won't blame you for the first bunch of bad profiles you sent them.

4. Client resizes the print chart.
Clients don't know we have position-absolute auto scanners. They think we have a cage full of monkeys with 1mm aperture EyeOnes who read the charts, whatever their size. Maybe we should print "Do not Resize" on each chart.

5. Client's native RIP messes up patches.
Some print drivers try to be smart when they uprez to printer resolution, and mess up the patches. The solution is to have your client uprez himself with 'nearest neighbor" interpolation. But this should be implemented as an option in the driver.

Last and best. Client sends in testchart festooned with glue-on labels, adhesive tape.
Yes, kindergarten kids do so love office supplies.

Gentle reader, if you happen to be working for Apple, Adobe or Epson, maybe you could do something to help our and your clients avoid these built-in wolf-traps ? Maybe disarm them ?



Anonymous said...

Why do you insert unnecessary spaces in between your punctuation marks?

Anonymous said...

Because I am used to typing in french.


Anonymous said...

Hi Edmond

number six is: Go to vacation, shut down the printer for 3 weeks and after you return the first thing you print out is the test chart and send it to the colormanagement guy (you or me). Very funny effect. Very likely one or several colors will not print with full pressure as the nozzles are dried in. You _May_see this but you also may _Not see_ this...... effect is...well you can guess.
Greetings from Munich- StefanSteib

Anonymous said...

Sure you can do something: use an HP Z series.