Saturday, April 07, 2007

iSis review coming.

I now have a new Xrite iSis XL, and preliminary tests indicate that it's working great ! My previous sample of this instrument was transport damaged, which is why I didn't talk about it a lot.

The iSis is a very modern scanning spectro, based on an EyeOne diffraction grid head, which is replacing the Xrite DTP70.

Amongst the new iSis features: Solid-state illuminant, chart readings with and without UV, and a machine-vision sensor that can read bar-charts and identify the chart.

In addition, the XL model has a wider "carriage" and can read A3 format charts.

I'm using this instrument with Monaco Profiler mainly, via the new ColorPort 1.5 utility that Xrite should by now have available for general download. I shall be describing the iSis more in detail soon.


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