Saturday, October 22, 2005

Comparing colorcheckers

Yes the red patch on my new Colorchecker was off by 3 deltaEab compared with Danny Pascale's average. And yes, you can compare images by superposing them on 2 layers and blinking. And yes, I'm going to have to look at how I'm printing, because the printed versions have those 3 colours which are off by 7 or 8 deltaE.

In the mean time, I used the DTP 94 and Profiler to profile a friend's LCD screens. Monaco Profiler Software and DTP94 hardware are neat, easy to install and easy use. Software has a feature for measuring performance with definable patches, I think the Colorchecker colors are wired in - I should use this feature in future screen profile tests, crosschecking with the i1.

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