Thursday, October 27, 2005

DTP70 - a device for printing beautiful Colorcheckers !

Today I printed some beautiful Colorcheckers using that very first ICC profile I'd originally made within thirty minutes of unpacking the DTP70. On monday, I will give the DTP70 and Monaco Profiler a hard workout with a variety of printers, testing against GMB Profile Maker Pro with a fellow color geek in Paris. But I can already state that the first profile I made was very good; out-of-the-box experience excellent, and the profiling software is a breeze to use.

Regarding my earlier posts of problems: As I'd guessed, there was no problem with the profile. But printing the Colorchecker was real hard - for me. I had a lot of problems with neutrals going bluish etc. This was all my fault for not understanding the arcana of choosing a rendering when printing. I've taken a week to sort myself out. Even going to the extent of measuring the patches on my Colorcheker.

In the end I was told by the guys listed below to print with Absolute Colorimetric from a LAB-encoded Colorchecker file, and the result was beautiful !

I'd like to thank the color geeks on the colorsync list - especially Danny Pascale of Babelcolor fame, Steve Upton padrone of Chromix, and Roger Breton, for sorting this out for me.

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