Saturday, October 22, 2005

Inter-colorchecker, inter-instrument agreement and other issues

In this post I'm using Blogger as a lab journal.

The slight disparity of a few of the Colorchecker patches, between the original and the printed version is bugging me. Color geeks are perfectionists or they're nothing, and the bug has bit me too. The strange thing is, the match between paper types is very good, it's the match between my two profiled prints and the Colorchecker which diverges slightly.So I suspect that the only open part of the loop, the image data, might be bad.

So, l'll measure out my own Colorchecker. I will then update the image I got from DannyPascale's site with mty own data and reprint. Unfortunately, I cannot stuff the colorchecker into the DTP70, so I have to measure the chart with my EyeOne. This introduces the additional complication of inter-instrument agreement, which I will try to address in another set of measurements later by measuring some printed patches with both instruments.

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