Saturday, November 26, 2005

Color Management Books

I just received Andrew Rodney's new book, Color Management for Photographers, and Abhay Sharma's Understanding Color Management. Reviews will go up shortly, but here is the sneak preview:

Andrew Rodney's text shines as a howto book. It is simpler and more complete as a tutorial text than Real World Color Management. It'll teach you what a color-managed workflow is, why you want one, and how to get the job done with the main tools on the market. There's even a set of work-through exercises, and a very useful CD with a lot of demo software, sample images and other useful goodies.

Abhay Sharma's textbook explains all the color-geek stuff in terms simple enough to understand. This is where you'll find a clear definition of all that quaint terminology, like "tristimulus", and the background on colorspace conversion formulae . Dr. Sharma also provides information on how profiling software is architectured, and the actual contents of an ICC profile file, again in terms simple enough to understand.

Capsule summary: Both books are excellent, while very different. Professional and amateur photographers as well as users of color management technology in industry won't regret buying Andrew Rodney's book. Readers wanting to understand the concepts underlying CMS software and practice will find in Abhay Sharma's text an excellent introduction to the science behind the technology.

Dr. Edmund Ronald

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