Monday, November 28, 2005

First Camera Profiling Results: Ron Donson

Photographer Ron Donson has graciously allowed me to post images from his profiling experiment. Here they are. Decide for yourselves which sandwich you prefer. Both images are copies of the same file, one was left in AdobeRGB, the other had a profile I made for Ron assigned. Both images were then levelled out identically (by numbers) resized and converted to sRGB with relative intent, and posted.

Please copy-paste the following links for downloads. Tabs are neat for flicking back and forth between the two images.

I'll let you vote in the comments for which you prefer.



Richard Brackin said...

This is an interesting experiment.
I'll give you my personal opinion after a quick glance.

I like tomato A. While it is relatively pale compared to the Tomato B, I think there's more potential with Tomato A than with Tomato B.
There seems to be a bit more detail pulled out of the lower midtones and shadows.

While Tomato A seems to be a tad heavy in magenta, Tomato B seems to have a more noticeable yellowish green cast across the board. Also it seems Tomato B is a bit heavier in the shadow rendering.

J├Ârgen Nilsson said...

I like Sandwich A best, since it looks most natural, at least on my recently calibrated laptop.

Dagmar Losowski said...

For me tomatob has more accurate colors. It is slightly darker - I moved right side of histogram to 247 and now it got more contrast. Plate is neutral on "b", version "a" has magenta cast and burned out whites. I don't like magenta banding on "a" in the shadow area (edge) under the plate.
The leaf on "b" is more green and slices of tomato are more red - I like it.

Anonymous said...

It is obvious which image has been profiled. The poorly made profile results in color shifts, color clipping, and it also has an adverse impact upon exposure. A methodical method of target preparation, exposure, and conversion has not been followed.