Saturday, November 12, 2005

Xrite's DTP70 and i1Match software play nice together

I've tried using theXrite DTP70 as a measuring instrument for Gretag's i1Match. It works.

I have an old i1 Rev A spectro, and the associated i1Match v3.0 software. Xrite supplies a very nice free, undongled app called ColorPort, which allows you to define targets and read them in.

So I read in the Gretag TC9.18 reference file, made myself a two-page A4 target for the DTP70, opened the Tiff files in Photoshop and printed them close to the edge, and read the targets into ColorPort with the DTP70. Then I exported the measurements from ColorPort into a CGATS file.

Finally, I connected the i1 Spectro (it's the i1Match dongle), read the CGATS file into i1Match, and made a profile. Bingo!

Compliments to Gretag and Xrite for behaving like adults and supporting industry-standard data formats !

I assume that PMP will be able to read the same CGATS files as i1, so one can doubtless use PMP as a backend for the DTP70. Neat !

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