Sunday, March 18, 2007

Eizo CG - almost self-calibrating !

I like ColorEyes Display, and they support it well. It also has some nice features with presets files. I am a bit sceptical about the interface, though.

On the other hand, my demo has expired, and my main computer has crashed taking all the old versions with it. The ensuing panic was instructive - With Big Mac crashed, I needed to use my CG210 with the laptop,in a hurry.

The quickest way to get my Eizo set up with the Coloreyes-profiled
MacBook (with an inoperative demo copy of CE) while I was in panic
mode was to just press the front panel buttons to switch the CG210
into 5000K 1.8 mode.

Which leads me to wonder whether as the Eizos already have a USB port, they couldn't be programmed to accurately recalibrate their 5000/1.8 and 6500/2.2 presets with a puck ?

Just one more chip to add, and we need NO MORE SOFTWARE.

You heard that here first :)



Anonymous said...

Hello Edmund
So what youre saying is that you believe Eizo has the ability to self calibrate itself using the panel buttons? Have you had a chance to observe what the differences are when calibrating vs. self panel calibrating? Just curious.

Adam LaPorta

Edmund Ronald said...

No, what I'm saying is that it can be set to a pre-calibrated setting which most people prefer to ignore.


Anonymous said...

Yes! That is a good thing! People should be ignoring the panel settings.