Tuesday, March 13, 2007

M8 Broken - M8 Refurbs.

Over the past few weeks, I've started distributing various camera profiles for the Leica M8, which is the new digital successor to the Leica M rangefinder. The M8 is light, compact, has sharp Leica lenses and first-class image quality. The Leica M8 is addictive; unfortunately mine just broke.

by means of money and alcohol, I inveigled a friend, to act as an extra around Montmartre. When we got up there, the M8 was inert. I got it to wake by oepning, popping the battery, and re-attaching the back with the power switch on, but the back controls and rear screen of the M8 remained inert.

I limped through the session with no chimping at ISO 160, keeping the camera awake with my finger on the shutter button; I learned that one after it went into a coma again. Now the camera is going back to Solms. I'm going to recommend to Leica that they give dealers loaners so that customers have some fallback.

Talking of Leicas, I have some news: Refurbs have been seen delivered to some dealers. These will be sold at a substantial discounts. The warranty card of the refurbs is marked with a red spot on the bottom right.


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