Saturday, June 18, 2005

BasicColor 3.10 and ColorEyes Display update on Monday

They say twins are telepathic — Basiccolor and ColorEyes Display are both coincidentally releasing an important update on Monday, June 20, with support for hardware calibration of numerous DDC compatible LCD monitors amongst which just about the whole Eizo CG range, eg. CG210 and CG21 the Nec Spectraview 2180, and, I surmise, the LaCie 321. Some exotic devices like the displays OEMd under the Quato, A.C.T. Kern and Eye_Q brands are also supported.

Some controversy surrounds the Apple Cinema Displays, and the Eizo Flexscan series. In the case of the Apples, it would seem that DDC has been implemented unidirectionally, allowing the monitor type to be recognized by the computer. However no information can be written from the Mac to the screen, so hardware calibration is not feasible. In the case of the Eizo Flexscans, Eizo has released an SDK for PCs but not for the Mac, so the software has differing capabilities dependent on the platform.

Both companies supply fully functional demos — go get'em!


Anonymous said...

Are you sure that they have released the updates ?


basiccolor said...

We just release "basICColor display 3.1.0". The release version is now available from! You only need to Login in the donwload area and you can download that version. INFO: The license file you're using with earlier display 3.x versions still works. Simply copy that file next to the new basICColor display 3.1.0 application.