Thursday, June 16, 2005

Monitor Matchup: Pitting an Eizo CG210 Against a Samsung 213T

My description of setting up a dual monitor system was published on June 13 2005. Color accuracy on the Eizo has since been improved by the use of Basiccolor 3.10. See my next story for the details.


Edmund Ronald said...

Both Basiccolor 3.10, to be released Monday and an impending update to ColorEyes Display can do DDC calibration for a wide array of monitors. Details in my newt story. The color on my Eizo CG210 is now superb !

Dan Dill said...

As a CG210 owner looking forward to the ColorEyes Display update for the CG210, I very much appreciate your comparison. As a quantum mechanic also doing photography, I alao appreaacite you tag line: "Edmund Ronald has a Ph.D. in applied mathematics, but he is currently on a sabbatical as a photographer in Paris." ;-)