Saturday, June 18, 2005

The X-rite Pulse ColorElite options

In this story you can find my Xrite Pulse review . Now Marc Levine of X-rite has put up a message detailing the contents of the various Xrite Pulse ColorElite packages in a way *specialists* will perfectly comprehend. Marc"s message also gives examples of the functionality of the ColorshopX package supplied with the accessory pack.

Marc is in the color management business, I'm in the news buisness, which means explaining things I don't understand to other people.

At the moment referring to Marc's article, and my own notes, Pulse can be sold:
With or without Monaco Optix XR monitor calibrator.
With or without accessory pack.
With or without CMYK capability.
With or without UV filter.

Maybe a simplified product matrix might be easier to sell, and stock for retailers ? Anyway, here are my recommendations: Everyone should get the accessory pack, the Optix is nice if you don't have a screen calibrator yet, you need the CMYK option only when driving a RIP or profiling presses , as for the UV filter, I don't recommend it, except again if you're in the proofing buisness. Oh, and did I tell you to get the accessory pack ?

My take on Pulse is it's very user-friendly. Maybe some users can post their usage experiences with Pulse as comments ?

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